MOUSETRAPPED in Magazines (Well, Just the One…)

This post is going to break the self-imposed three post limit I only set myself yesterday, but is it my fault that in one week it’s the 4th of July, my birthday, the last ever Space Shuttle launch and the day an interview I did ages ago for a magazine finally appears? Hardly. And so I’ll start sticking to the three post limit next week, I promise.

If you live in Ireland and have €1.25 to spare, pick up a copy of this week’s Woman’s Way magazine because me and Mousetrapped are in it! The lovely Lisa interviewed me a while back for it and I’m so pleased with how it turned out. Thanks, Lisa! It’s the issue dated 11th July and the cover has Jane Seymour on it (below).

In other news, I am already kicking arse on yesterday’s 10 Things to Do Before I’m 30 list. Even though it costs €18 and so is OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive when it should be free to download because if you want a driver’s license you have to read it, I bought the book you have to study before you take your driver theory test, which if you pass, gets you the provisional license you need to start taking lessons. So okay, I haven’t actually opened it yet but it’s a step in the right direction, isn’t it?

Don’t forget you can order a signed copy of Mousetrapped and pre-order a signed copy of Backpacked for a limited period on

9 thoughts on “MOUSETRAPPED in Magazines (Well, Just the One…)

    • catherineryanhoward says:

      No, I never got a license – I drove on a permit the whole time I was in FL. And I’ll still have to take the practical test here which I wouldn’t pass, because driving in Ireland it completely different – and a LOT more difficult – than driving in Orlando.

  1. Hibiscus Moon says:

    Congrats on the article and embarking on the license! Excellent week for you. I’m so sad about the shuttle program coming to a close. NASA predicts bad weather for Friday here so it may get scrubbed.

  2. Atwater Village Newbie says:

    I just bought your book for my Kindle and I’m enjoying it, a fun read. I’m only 20% of the way through, but are you really considered a WDW “cast member” if you work at hotels (“Duck” and “Tuna”) that are not owned or run by the Walt Disney Company? Aren’t you an employee of oh, let’s say, Starfish Group?

    • catherineryanhoward says:

      Yes and yes. This is from the book’s Amazon listing (and it’s also explained in the book):

      “The first time this book was referred to as “MOUSETRAPPED” was back in the summer of 2006, before I’d written a word of it or even left for Florida. I was still in Holland, where one of my colleagues – who knew that my biggest dream was to be a published writer – jokingly said, “You can write a book about this – and call it Mousetrapped!” I laughed the idea off at the time, but then when I arrived in Florida and things didn’t go as planned, this conversation came back to me and I thought to myself, Not only is that a great idea – but that’s a great title! The book is called MOUSETRAPPED, yes, but so is Chapter 3, in which I describe my life just after I arrived but before I started work. Because I had no transport, my world was confined to the triangle formed by my apartment, a shopping mall and Downtown Disney. Therefore, I spent most of my time inside Walt Disney World because I’d nowhere else to go. This is what I mean when I say “mousetrapped.”
      I didn’t work directly for The Walt Disney Company, but for an international hotel group who own a property in Epcot Resorts. We were referred to as “cast members,” had to use all the same terminology as Disney used (costumes, backstage, etc.) and attended Traditions, Disney’s orientation program, before starting work. We all loved Disney, and many of the staff had once worked in the parks. What I’m getting at is that we didn’t see ourselves as any different from “real” cast members. We always said, “I work in Walt Disney World” – because we did. So if you’re looking for one of those Disney exposé books that tell you about the time Minnie was caught behind Cinderella’s Castle upchucking into her head, no, this book isn’t it. But if you’re looking for a book about a girl who got to live in Orlando by way of a job in a Walt Disney hotel and who, inspired by Wishes, tried to make all her dreams come true while she was there, then MOUSETRAPPED might well be it…”

      Thanks for buying it and I hope you enjoy the rest!

      • Atwater Village Newbie says:

        Got it, thanks. It’s interesting. Although Duck & Tuna employees see themselves as no different from “real” cast members, I wonder if “real” cast members see Duck & Tuna employees as different…

        And the name tags are at least still different, right?

        Looking forward to chapter 3 and beyond!

        • catherineryanhoward says:

          Oh they DEFINITELY saw us as different, yes. Absolutely! But while we knew we were different (because we didn’t have those all important all-access passes; we just got hospitality passes which allowed us into each park once over 12 months) I don’t think we saw the gap as big as they did, if that makes sense. Plus there was a lot of crossover – a lot of our employees had once worked for Disney, or were still doing it on a seasonal basis. The name tags are different too, yes! Plus if you were staying with us you couldn’t charge back to your room in the parks – that was the biggest difference for guests. It is definitely interesting! The “politics” of Walt Disney World’s non-Disney employees – someone should write a book about it! 🙂

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