Coffee Break: Coffee to Write Travel Memoirs With

I’ve told Sarah, Backpacked‘s copyeditor, that I’ll be sending her the finished manuscript at the end of this month. I have to, if I’m to have any hope of sticking to my own schedule and getting the book out in September.

Or even, sometime before Christmas.

(Joke! It is coming out in September. Don’t worry. Not too much, anyway.)

The book – surprise, surprise – isn’t finished, but I do have a whole seven days to work on it, fifteen days if I work to my actual self-imposed deadline of July 8th and not my scare-myself-into-doing-it false first deadline. But I am an ickle bit behind on my word count and so am going to have to put in a few very early mornings and a few very long days, and to do that I’m going to need a lot of coffee.

Yes – even more coffee than usual.

The coffee I normally drink is Robert Roberts’ American Blend and since I go through about a bag of it a week, I was delighted when they asked me to try their new New York Roast. It has a strength of 6 and since American is 3, I was a little bit scared of it but its flavor, while strong, was not at all bitter, had no yucky aftertaste and was actually really, really nice.

It’s my new breakfast coffee, and its lovely yellow cab reminds me to hurry up and write more books so I can go back to New York and spend an entire day in the basement of The Strand…

[Drifts off into New York daydream…]

And fun fact: it’s a cup of New York Roast that’s now immortalized forever on the cover of Backpacked.

So for the next couple of weeks while I finished Backpacked, I’m going to be alternating between the two: New York Roast in the morning, to wake me right up, and then American Blend from lunch time onwards, to keep me awake. I’ll also be throwing in the odd cup of their Guatemala Blend because, hey, Backpacked starts (and spends most of its time in) Guatemala.

In fact I can get coffee from three of the five countries Backpacked treks through, so I might just have to give a few bags away when it comes out.

If I haven’t drank them all, of course.

Click here to find out more about Robert Roberts. New York Roast is the first 6 strength coffee to be produced here in Ireland. Irish writer friends: you can find their coffee in Dunnes, Superquinn and Tescos. 

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2 thoughts on “Coffee Break: Coffee to Write Travel Memoirs With

  1. Rebecca Bradley says:

    I’m not a coffee drinker. I’m a big tea fan. I can’t start the day without a cup of tea. In fact I refuse to do any work when I get there until the kettle is on. It’s now taken for granted.

    Wishing you luck on whichever deadline you go for. Targeted or self-imposed.

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