Something for the Weekend: Clark and Michael (VIDEO)

I first saw Michael Cera in Arrested Development, a series which I discovered via Netflix while I passed many a miserable night living in a crappy Orlando apartment and which is easily in my Top 3 Favorite Comedy TV Shows of all time. Later, when I was living in a lovely Orlando apartment with Mousetrapped‘s Andrea, we went to see Superbad in the cinema and nearly choked on our popcorn we were laughing so much.

Soon after that Andrea discovered Clark and Michael, a hilarious web series Cera had written and co-starred in with his friend Clark Duke, in which somewhat deluded versions of themselves try to get a TV show made in Hollywood. She pointed me in the direction of it and now, three years later, I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve watched the whole lot.

Now I’m passing it onto you. If you like mockumentary shows like Arrested Development, Curb Your Enthusiasm and The Office, you’ll love this. (Especially AD because half its cast pops up in it!)

And it makes for excellent procrastination fodder. Enjoy!

Their website is no longer active but you can click here to watch Episode 1 on YouTube.

(If you can’t see the trailer embedded above, you can find the video on YouTube here.)

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