Help Me Solve a Mystery

Blog readers, I need your help to solve a mystery.

A few years back I worked as a secretary in an auction house. My boss was an art collector himself and from time to time other auction houses – the big ones – would send him little packs of postcards showcasing items featured in their upcoming sales. These would usually end up on my desk, their last stop before they all hit the bin, but one morning I flicked through a stack out of curiosity and found this printed on one of them:

There was something about it, something that made me take it home and frame it. A few months after that I was changing the frame when I ripped a corner off the postcard by accident. The postcard was mainly blank space so I cut around the image, stuck it on a new blank postcard and framed that. But in doing so I lost the little description and the artist’s name that was on the back of the card, and my memory didn’t have it for too much longer after that.

A year or so ago I was walking past an auction house in Dublin when I saw a similar painting by Louis le Brocquy, and I got very excited thinking I’d found my mystery man. But I’ve trawled through his work and I can’t find this picture, despite finding many that are quite similar.

I also got excited this morning when I read about how you can now search Google using an image instead of search terms, and promptly scanned and searched with the painting. But I’d no luck there either.

I really want to find out whose work this is, if only so I can order a proper-sized print for my wall. (The image above is about the size of a coaster.) I have my suspicions that it is a Louis le Brocquy, but if it is, I need to determine which one. And it might not be.

Can you help?

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4 thoughts on “Help Me Solve a Mystery

  1. Epcyclopedia says:

    If i had to guess i’d say it’s something from his “Studies Towards an Image of James Joyce” – which luckily is pretty well documented in bound editions.

    Hit a library and hunt the book from the showing down – it should have most if not all of the work featured in that group. There’s several copies in various places according to

    If anything, you can rule him or that particular showing of his work out.

  2. Nick says:

    Hey There,

    You live in Cork, correct? I would consult with the University College Cork. An art history professor or even a librarian should be able to help or at least point you in the right direction. That’s what I’d do. Just a thought.


  3. Averill Buchanan says:

    I would say it’s definitely Louis le Brocquy. While I haven’t been able to find your exact painting, there is evidence on the site you posted a link to of similar image elements (scroll down to see the red palm print here: and another palm print overlaid on a face here:

    Perhaps if you emailed your scanned image to le Brocquy’s Irish agents they would be able to identify it for you.

    Disappointing that the Google image search didn’t come up trumps. Others are reporting very bizarre results with it 🙂

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