Best. Review Copy. EVER!

You may recall a few weeks back I raved about Before I Go To Sleep by S.J. Watson.

To say I was teased with this book is quite the understatement. Three separate samplers (a sort of pamphlet preview) came through the door days apart; I couldn’t even handle them and ended up buying my own copy, persuaded by the “Signed by the Author” sticker during a book browse in Birmingham.

Then a postcard arrived with a set of small silver keys attached to it.

One plot thread in the book involves the main character, Christine, searching for keys to a padlocked box, so I assumed that’s where they got the idea from. How very clever, I thought to myself, as I imagined Transworld’s book publicists striking Dr. Evil poses, stroking white cats and coming up with all sorts of devilish PR ideas. Which is apparently what they were doing, because while I was on the holidays, this arrived:

In the first chapter of Before I Go To Sleep – which in terms of thrillers is quite possibly the best, most effective first chapter I’ve ever read – Christine finds a journal she’s been keeping to help treat her amnesia. Although she can’t recall it, inside she’s written “Don’t trust Ben” – Ben being her seemingly caring, devoted husband.

So isn’t this just perfect?

I dream not only of a world in which I have a traditional publishing deal, but where along with that deal comes clever book publicists who dream up promotions like this.

Read my review of Before I Go To Sleep here.

8 thoughts on “Best. Review Copy. EVER!

  1. Catana says:

    It’s very clever promotion, but it wouldn’t have any influence on my decision whether or not to read a book. An eye-catching review will encourage me to read a sample of the writing, but anything else is just gimmickry to be ignored.

    • catherineryanhoward says:

      I think though as a reviewer with a stack of books in my To Read pile, I’d be much more inclined to read this over the others – in fact, I’d probably read it first. That greatly increases the chances of you coming across a review of it.

      • Catana says:

        I can see your point, but even if I were a reviewer (and that’s just me, not a criticism), deciding what to read would be based on the blurb and a scan of the first couple of pages of each book. In fact, I’d be kind of turned off by *cute* attempts to get my attention. I’m a suspicious sort, so I’d wonder why the book couldn’t stand on its own.

  2. Hibiscus Moon says:

    Wow! That is so creative. Love stuff like that. As an aside, I’m reading your book Self-Printed and love it, btw! I do have a question: do you have a blogging, FB, Twiiter daily schedule to keep you on track for the rest of the day? This is where I go down in flames. I starte FB’ing or getting distracted by a blog post, next thing you know 2 hours have gone by! Any tips in that arena?

    • catherineryanhoward says:

      Thanks for reading Self-Printed! I actually started laughing when I read your question about a daily social media schedule – um, no, I don’t! 😉 That’s kind of the problem! Sometimes I just end up spending the day going from blog to Twitter to writing a post, etc. and some days I don’t do it at all because I’m writing. If that happens, I usually have my Mac on my lap while watching TV or something later in the day – I just do it then. But I am no good at staying away from it, or controlling myself around it! 🙂

      • Hibiscus Moon says:

        TY Catherine! I thought I was the only one w/ this problem. Yeah right! Well, I am seriously going to make myself a schedule and STICK to it. I need to get this monkey off my back. 😛

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