VIDEO: My Self-Printed Interview on

Just before I went to Spain I made a trip to Dublin for the day to film an interview with Vanessa O’Loughlin of, an information-filled, fantastic website aimed at Irish writers but useful to all regardless of geographical location if you ask me. (My post 6 Ways to Sell Your Book Using Social Media is a hit over there, apparently!) In the video we discuss Mousetrapped, self-publishing and Self-Printed, and although I really should have worn something else I quite like the look of my eye-shadow.

It’s a bit long and I know myself how long I give videos on blogs, so if you’re looking for something in particular feel free to skip ahead:

  • 0:38: Writing Mousetrapped… and it getting rejected
  • 1:41: Getting the idea to self-publish
  • 3:12: Making the decision to self-publish
  • 4:18: Editing, the importance of
  • 5:00: Holding your horses
  • 5:52: Writing is re-writing
  • 7:10: My scary bedtime story for self-publishers
  • 8:20: Good rejections/my Selling Houses phenomenon
  • 9:40: Sitting on your book.

I have a blog on called Double-Spaced where I just started a Self-Printed Summer. The idea is that for 8 weeks my posts will guide you through self-publishing a POD paperback and e-book, so if you’re thinking of self-publishing, why not do it now? You can read the first post here.

That’s it for this week. Have a good weekend! I’m off to try and get some writing done.

(And watch the Canadian Grand Prix, of course.)

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3 thoughts on “VIDEO: My Self-Printed Interview on

  1. michaelharling says:

    Great interview! But all I could think while watching the whole thing was, “Isn’t Vanessa’s tea getting gold?”

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