Double-Spaced: 3 Book Deals Before Breakfast

If you haven’t already heard I am now also blogging every Tuesday over on, under the title Double-Spaced.

Today’s post is called Three Book Deals Before Breakfast, and is about how it’s probably best to keep your publishing news – or even just aspirations – to yourself for now…

“A couple of weeks back the news broke that a debut Irish author had reportedly signed an amazing publishing deal worth more than half a million pounds sterling. The following day, all over the country, as yet unpublished authors like myself were handed newspaper articles about it, e-mailed links to reports of it online and asked by parents, friends, spouses, relatives, co-workers and relative strangers just why we wouldn’t go and get ourselves a deal like that?”

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One thought on “Double-Spaced: 3 Book Deals Before Breakfast

  1. Nick says:

    Great thoughts and a great post. But I cant believe it all happened before you had your first cup of coffee!

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