How Much I Paid for My SELF-PRINTED Cover…

… and how it can be the same price you pay for yours.

On Saturday I shared the finalized Self-Printed cover as created by Andrew Brown of Design for Writers (who also did Mousetrapped) and amongst all the very nice comments about it, the lovely Elisa asked how much it cost. Andrew did a great deal for me and so I didn’t want to say how much I paid as it might put him under pressure to give others the same rate. But then what did Andrew do? He said I could offer you, my lovely blog readers, the very same deal for the very same price – just €89! (Or £79 or $129.)

This offer:

  • includes 2 design rounds, a paperback cover, an e-book cover* and a presentation view (pictured above)
  • does NOT include the cost of licensing any images used**
  • is based on the writer providing an initial idea for the design
  • must be booked by May 31st 2011 and finalized by July 31st 2011.

E-mail with the coupon code “SELF-PRINTED OFFER” in the subject line.

*The e-book cover will be a crop of the “front” part of the paperback cover which any small text removed if necessary. **Unless you have already purchased images for your cover or you do not need images, you will have to factor in the cost of licensing them from stock photo websites. To give you some idea of the cost, the two images used in my Self-Printed cover amounted to €48. On my Mousetrapped cover, the only image purchased was the “postcard” template, which cost around €18. 

4 thoughts on “How Much I Paid for My SELF-PRINTED Cover…

  1. Elisa Michelle says:

    Well I’m really happy your designer seems like such a great person. Unfortunately, I can’t take advantage of this generous offer–but their price seems very reasonable! Hope others find the deal very helpful.

    Also, thanks for the shout out. It feels nice to have somehow contributed around the writing world, even if it was beyond small.

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