Self-Printed: The Cover is Here!

I’m avoiding the internet for the weekend because (a) I love to use religious holidays as an excuse to do less work and (b) the time I don’t spend lying on the sofa watching TV will be spent correcting the second Self-Printed proof which arrived today (so, those of you in the first round of road-testing, should receive your copies on Tuesday or Wednesday of next week), so all going to plan I can do the final upload/proof ordering on Monday. But first…

I just got the final cover from my designer, Andrew of Design for Writers, and I actually let out a little squeal when I saw it. I’m a total control freak and normally send Andrew very specific instructions for what I want him to do, but this time I let him have free reign with everything other than needing to use grey (long story) and to match Mousetrapped, and look what he did!

I am SO pleased with this, I can’t tell you. What do you think?

And, self-publishers, check out Design for Writers. Their website is coming soon but in the meantime if you need some work done (and done well for a very reasonable price) contact I highly recommend them!

15 thoughts on “Self-Printed: The Cover is Here!

  1. Abaloo says:

    HI Catherine. Great to work with you (and surely not a control freak 😉 I look forward to reading the book when it hits!

  2. Lissa says:

    Wow, it looks wonderful, and so professional! Only, it also looks really thick! is it really that big?
    I love how it matches the others, I have a very mild obsession with neatness and uniformity so this has pleased me immensely!

    • catherineryanhoward says:

      It HAD to match Mousetrapped, and the new one in September is going to have match too. As you can tell from this blog, everything has to match with me too! 🙂

      I don’t think the thickness on that image is just by default but it IS thick – 330 pages which is alot considering the size is 6 x 9! Got a bit carried away but there was so much to say…!

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