On Pink Pangea: My Stint as a Campsite Courier

I know that my blog posts this week have mainly consisted of me pointing you in the direction of other blogs where I’ve written things, but thanks to Michael Connelly Day*, getting stuck into the first draft of Backpacked, actively ignoring news of an Irish writer getting a MEGA deal (and the fact that actually, the book has a very clever premise and is something I’d love to read), playing with my new coffee machine and keeping one eye on the window at all times for my DHL delivery/Self-Printed review copies,  I haven’t really had the time to write new content for both.

My tent. I know, right? YIKES.

This actually went live last week, but on PinkPangea.com I’ve been sharing the horrors of working as a campsite courier in France (for six whole weeks).

“In 2005 I was working for a British travel company at their staff training facility in the Netherlands when I was offered the opportunity to finish up my summer with a six-week stint as a courier (a general assistant) at one of their resorts in the south of France.

I know. That’s a lot of places in one sentence.

Here’s one more: Ireland, the home I didn’t want to go back to yet. The French resort was a campsite called Les Sablons in the town of Portiragnes Plage, near Béziers. It was right on the beach, and that beach was right on the Med. The customers were British and Irish so no French was required, and I was eternally chasing sunshine. Most importantly, what else did I have to do? I said yes.”

Click here to read the whole article.

I also got the WordPress mads late last night and moved a few things around on MousetrappedBook.com to make room for news of Backpacked, etc. Do go have a look if you have a spare minute.

*Michael Connelly is my No.1 favorite author in the whole wide world and I always get his books on publication day. Then I bring them home, clear my schedule and read them all in one glorious sitting. I’ve been doing that now for ten years. 

3 thoughts on “On Pink Pangea: My Stint as a Campsite Courier

  1. Nick Finley says:

    Hi There,

    Okay, so do you plan on launching another site for Backpacked or will you start plugging Backpacked on Mousetrappedbook.com? I’m unclear on this. Also, as you write more projects, will you keep your main product site as Mousetrappedbook.com? That’s going to be a lot of sites for you to keep up with.

    Here’s my two cents (for what its worth) and maybe you could think of it as a question, if you prefer- A Catherine Ryan Howard fan site where you could blog about your projects and link to where people may buy them. I know you said in a previous post (The Big Reveal, I think) that you will NOT be selling from your own website. But why not a preview followed by a link to buy?

    As you gain a following and write projects beyond Backpacked, wouldn’t it be better to brand yourself on one site and offer the product(s) or links to them from one central location? A headquarters, so to speak. Like the Hocking model, for instance. That’s what I’m planning to do.

    Maybe I dont understand, its early here and I havent finished the coffee.


    • catherineryanhoward says:

      This (my blog) IS the headquarters. The individual book sites are just static online homes; I really don’t pay much attention to them (and so don’t spend time on them) at all. They’re actually geared more towards people who’ve already read the books then are looking to buy them, but if someone Googles reviews+title they’ll end up there too. So yes, Backpacked will have its own site too – when I said move stuff around to make room for it I mean add the “The Sequel” page. Backpacked’s site with then have a corresponding “Prequel” page.

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