And Then What Happened?

A while back I was sent a copy of Stories: All New Tales edited by Neil Gaiman and Al Sarrantonio to review. Not content with getting us bleary-eyed book bloggers to merely read and review the book, the lovely Sam at Headline had a fantastic – if slightly scary – idea: we would write our own short story as well.

Stories is an original anthology of never-before-published short stories by an eclectic array of today’s most talented and imaginative writers. Collecting them, Gaiman and Sarrantonio only had one requirement: the writer would have to answer the question, “And then what happened?” It didn’t matter if what happened was a murder or a romance or the sudden appearance of a black hole in the space/time continuum circa 2032, only that something did.

And so in that spirit, each of us wrote 100 words answering that very question. We did this having seen only the previous 100 words (except for lucky me, who had the easy job and got to start!) and the result is pretty hilarious, if I do say so (on behalf of all participants) myself. We even got a cover with our blog names on it – behold:

You can read the story here.

Warning: it contains lots of swearing, demons, blood, regenerating brains and a famous pixie. But it’s really good. *pats us all on the back*

I’ll be reviewing Stories on here on Thursday. Thanks to Sam (and Headline) for my copy and for such a fantastic idea!

3 thoughts on “And Then What Happened?

  1. Nick Finley says:

    Ask Neil what they heck has happened to Tori Amos since 2006. She’s lost me forever, I think, and I was such a huge huge fan.

    LOL Good day.

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