It’s Special Guest Star Week!

So last week I had an idea. (Dangerous I know.) There’d been a lot of Me, Me, ME thanks to Mousetrapped‘s birthday week – I know it’s my blog, but still! – but everyone seems pretty interested in the whole selling self-published e-books thing. I’m not the only one at it, so I thought why not get some other self-published e-book authors on here to talk about their books and their experiences? A couple of cups of coffee and a few e-mails later, and it was all arranged. Each day this week we’ll have one or more guest posts from an e-book author  starting off with the lovely Sally Clements later today.

But first, a bit of housekeeping. I’ve set up a Self-Printed mailing list so that you can be alerted by mail (lucky you!) when it’s available to buy. (You know, if you’re too lazy to stop by here where I’ll undoubtedly be banging on about it for at least a whole day…) Just click the image above to sign up. I’ll use this in the future for sending out updates, etc. but the most you’ll get is a message every 2 months or so; I won’t torment you. And of course you can unsubscribe at any time.

Thank you to everyone who volunteered to road test a copy – I got a great response from writers in all stages of the self-publishing process, from just thinking about it to having done it, and wanting to do it better next time. (Which all bodes well for the market for the book – hooray!) Unfortunately I can’t send out a copy to everyone who volunteered because I’d be broke and thus unable to afford coffee, so I had to whittle it down to a more reasonable number. I’ve already contacted the lucky readers/victims who are receiving review copies, so if you haven’t heard from me, sorry! Your name didn’t pulled out of the hat this time. Although what I haven’t told the readers is that Self-Printed is 340 pages in point 10 text, so maybe you were the lucky one by not getting picked. Every cloud and all that.

I’ll be doing my normal posting too, starting with why I’m afraid of short stories tomorrow… Enjoy!

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