Special Guest Star Week: Author Sally Clements

Last week I had an idea. (Dangerous, I know.) There’d been a lot of Me, Me, Me thanks to Mousetrapped’s birthday week (I know it’s my blog, but still) but yet everyone seemed pretty interested in e-books. So why not get some other self-published e-book authors to talk about their experiences, their books and their success? A few e-mails and it was all arranged: an e-book themed Special Guest Star week. Starting us off is author Sally Clements. Welcome to Catherine, Caffeinated, Sally!

Thanks very much, Catherine, for having me here today – it’s great to get out of the house!

I’m a newly published author, writing romance and crime, although the only genre that I have ‘out there’ at the moment is romance. My first book, Catch Me A Catch, was published by The Wild Rose Press last July. I saw a mention of Wild Rose on the inkwell newsletter (which you can have sent to you, just check out inkwellwriters.ie) which is a great resource. Before being published, I wanted to hold a paperback in my hand with my name on the cover, and see myself on a shelf in bookshops everywhere (lol).

Once I started trying to become published I discovered how difficult this aim would be to realise. I decided to send the manuscript to Wild Rose, because I hadn’t really got to grips with the idea of self-publishing. And I also thought that I needed editing experience, which I hadn’t really had at that point. I found the entire experience very illuminating, learnt a lot, and scored a knockout cover, so I’m very happy to have gone with them for my first book. I’d also been through the Romantic Novelists Association new writers’ scheme, which gives great feedback on manuscripts for new writers.

As a bonus, Catch Me A Catch is up for the Joan Hessayon Award in May 2011, so I’ll be travelling to London to see how it’s fared. Wish me luck!

With my second book, Bound to Love, I decided to approach new UK publisher, Embrace Books. I wanted to get a feel for both markets, UK and US, and thought that publishing with Embrace would give me that opportunity. Once again, it was a positive experience, and Bound to Love came out on Valentine’s Day as one of their launch titles in both e-book and print.

In January, I’d become aware that a lot of other authors were doing it differently, and I liked what I was hearing about the self-publishing/indie option. I’d had a few short stories published in New York magazine, Love Stories Magazine, and had three unpublished stories that I thought would make a great collection. So after reading this blog, and carefully following all the instructions (which are great, so thank you, Catherine!) I produced New Beginnings, a collection of three, sweet romances about the beginnings of love. The release of New Beginnings coincided with Bound to Love, so I had two new books on Amazon on the same week! I also published on Smashwords, so that I had all markets covered.

I haven’t really any figures on sales so far, but it’s early days, and I feel I’m still getting my name out there. I’ve just altered my sales price on New Beginnings to 99c, and am spending a lot of time meeting new people on boards and blogs everywhere. I’ve found www.kindleboards.com very welcoming and interesting, although I’m a complete newbie over there, just joined at the beginning of April!  I see no reason why an author should be constrained to one or other method of publishing – it’s so easy to self-publish, I think we should all give it a go!

In breaking news, I sold a new book yesterday to The Wild Rose Press, titled Love on the Vine, and I have another out for consideration. I’m working on a new story at the moment.

Thanks for having me again, Catherine! Love your blog.

Thank you so much Sally – and congrats on Love on the Vine!

You can find Sally’s blog here, follow her on Twitter here or visit Minxes of Romance here. The links to her books in the post are on Amazon.com’s Kindle store; you can find them on Amazon.co.uk here: Catch Me A Catch, Bound to Love, New Beginnings.

It’s Special Guest Star Week!

So last week I had an idea. (Dangerous I know.) There’d been a lot of Me, Me, ME thanks to Mousetrapped‘s birthday week – I know it’s my blog, but still! – but everyone seems pretty interested in the whole selling self-published e-books thing. I’m not the only one at it, so I thought why not get some other self-published e-book authors on here to talk about their books and their experiences? A couple of cups of coffee and a few e-mails later, and it was all arranged. Each day this week we’ll have one or more guest posts from an e-book author  starting off with the lovely Sally Clements later today.

But first, a bit of housekeeping. I’ve set up a Self-Printed mailing list so that you can be alerted by mail (lucky you!) when it’s available to buy. (You know, if you’re too lazy to stop by here where I’ll undoubtedly be banging on about it for at least a whole day…) Just click the image above to sign up. I’ll use this in the future for sending out updates, etc. but the most you’ll get is a message every 2 months or so; I won’t torment you. And of course you can unsubscribe at any time.

Thank you to everyone who volunteered to road test a copy – I got a great response from writers in all stages of the self-publishing process, from just thinking about it to having done it, and wanting to do it better next time. (Which all bodes well for the market for the book – hooray!) Unfortunately I can’t send out a copy to everyone who volunteered because I’d be broke and thus unable to afford coffee, so I had to whittle it down to a more reasonable number. I’ve already contacted the lucky readers/victims who are receiving review copies, so if you haven’t heard from me, sorry! Your name didn’t pulled out of the hat this time. Although what I haven’t told the readers is that Self-Printed is 340 pages in point 10 text, so maybe you were the lucky one by not getting picked. Every cloud and all that.

I’ll be doing my normal posting too, starting with why I’m afraid of short stories tomorrow… Enjoy!