Double-Spaced: Career Guidance

If you haven’t already heard I am now also blogging every Tuesday over on the newly-launched, under the title Double-Spaced.

Today’s post is about how well-meaning friends and family are always ready with alternative careers for the Aspiring Writer…

“I’ve always wanted to be a writer.

Once upon a time I may have wanted to be a writer along with something else (like when I was 13 and reading The Hot Zone convinced me I just had to become a virologist) but as soon as I realized that it was pretty much the only respectable job you could do at home while wearing your pajamas, I decided that I wanted to do it full time.

Fearing for my welfare, retirement fund and future mental health, family and friends rifled through my talents for suggestions of other things I could do. Better things. More stable things. Things that might actually have a chance of transpiring and, when they do, bring with them such wonders of modern society as health insurance, paid time off and – the holy grail – a pension.

Anything but…

Writing a novel, Catherine? Really?”

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