This Day Next Week…

Mousetrapped will be a year old! Well, practically. It turns 1 on March 29th. All next week I’m going to be celebrating and saying things like, “Where does the time go?” and giving YOU free stuff!

Here’s what the schedule is looking like so far:


Mousetrapped‘s Birthday Week kick off. I’ll have 3 copies of the brand new sparkly second edition to give away and will be sharing with you a chapter about the history of Walt Disney World that got cut from the finished book.


The first More Mousetrapped story will be released today, and it’s a good one! It’s about the time Eva and I tried to drive out to Kennedy Space Center in the dark and ended up in our own version of Urban Legend. Very scary stuff. (This first story will be posted here as well as being sent out to the More Mousetrapped mailing list, but future stories will not – so sign up!)


Super Secret New Self-Publishing Project Announcement No.1! This one has a (very) tentative release date of May 1st. Clues: me, this blog, talking purple unicorns. This book is also going to need a few beta readers and I’m going to be asking YOU to help, so stop by today to see if you’re interested.


Super Secret New Self-Publishing Project Announcement No.2! This one has a (again – tentative!) release date of September 1st. Clues: me, my first ever blog and volcanoes. Stop by to check out the synopsis and tell me what you think, and find out what I’ll be doing differently this time around.


The Big Reveal: One Year On. Those of you who’ve been following this blog for a while will know that six months after Mousetrapped was published, I released an exact breakdown of my royalties and sales figures. (That was on September 1st, and I’d sold 531 copies. My, my, have things changed since then!) I’m going to do the same now, a year on, and show you why it’s worth hanging in there.

Hope you’ll join me!

Click here to read more about Mousetrapped.

2 thoughts on “This Day Next Week…

  1. Catherine Rotte-Murray says:

    Congrats on the upcoming anniversary – I will watch with interest/curiousity/self-interest the various competitions or giveaways! Hope you have had a good year with the book, sounds like you have great tenacity! well done on your self-published success!

  2. Nick Finley says:


    Thanks so much for this blog. I have had a chance to take a further glance into your other postings.

    Congrats on your success. Keep on pushing!


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