More Mousetrapped: An Ickle Reminder

Just a little reminder that to mark Mousetrapped’s 1st birthday on the 29th of this month, I will be doing some mildly exciting Mousetrapped-related things, such as another ‘Big Reveal’ post, making not one but two moderately exciting announcements and giving away some sparkly new second editions of Mousetrapped in paperback. I’m also going to be releasing the first More Mousetrapped story and today is your lucky day, because there’s still time to sign up!

mousetrapped catherine ryan howardThe back of the sparkly new paperback edition. Woo-hoo!

(I know. Oh so lucky.)

Most of the effort that goes into writing a memoir is spent on deciding what goes in and what gets left out and there were very good reasons for omitting episodes that while potentially funny, didn’t really fit in with everything else. (For instance if I’d included all the space-related stuff that had happened, the book would’ve been 50% just about space!)  But why not share them now? I’ve decided to treat you (debatable, I know) to More Mousetrapped: short little pieces that I’ll send out once a month March 29.

These will be little episodes that for whatever reason did not make it into the book, like:

  • The two fender-benders I mentioned in passing in the acknowledgements – oops!
  • The infamous barbeque incident that got me banished to Housekeeping
  • Why – and how – an executive planning committee at the hotel decided to capitalize on my Irishness
  • How I ended up meeting one of the astronauts who was on board the Space Shuttle I saw fly into space
  • The time Eva and I drove out to Cape Canaveral in the dark thinking we’d be able to see the Space Shuttle lit up on the pad, and instead ended up nearly running out of petrol and having to stop at a very scary gas station out in the middle of absolutely nowhere that was exactly like the one in the beginning of Urban Legend

You can get these stories delivered direct to your inbox starting March 29 by signing up for them here.

And one more ickle reminder that through Sunday, Mousetrapped is 50% off (just $1.50!) for Read an E-book Week.

2 thoughts on “More Mousetrapped: An Ickle Reminder

  1. Christopher Wills says:

    Just read your ‘about me, the long version’ and on the strength of that I bought Mousetrapped from Amazon (UK – Kindle). I look forward to reading it because I like your self deprecating style. You could write a great fiction story based on ‘about me…’ about the travails of a person trying to become an author. It would work well in diary format a la Bridget Jones because like love, many people have dreams of becoming an author. Love your blog, keep writing.

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