In Dublin this Saturday? Why, So Am I!

And chances are I’ll be making a complete tit of myself. I really enjoy public speaking, but I am a little bit nervous about this. The good news though is that my caffeine addiction will probably help on this occasion. (Is that permission to drink ten coffees on the Cork to Dublin train on Saturday morning? Um, yeah it is!)

So… what am I doing, exactly?

From Eoin Purcell at Irish Publishing News:

At the Dublin Book Festival, IPN will be running a Pecha Kucha (Don’t know what means, check this out) event in the Good Room on Saturday 5th March 2011. The Good Room takes place in the Mercantile Bar and Grill, 28 Dame Street, Dublin 2. Talking about Thinking about Books will run from 4pm-5pm and entry is FREE. The aim is to offer a high-octane series of short presentations from writers, publishers and creative about books, publishing, creativity and fun. Speakers will have only 6 minutes and 40 seconds to impress and what’s more they will be presenting with 20 slides in their decks* all of which are set to automatically move on after 20 seconds! So far we have three excellent speakers, David Maybury and Catherine Ryan-Howard and Zoe Faulder. If you are interested in speaking, get in touch: Editor @ Expect fun and entertainment with a lesson (but the good kind) or two mixed in! See you there.”


So to recap:

  • This Saturday at 4pm
  • Merchantile Bar and Grill, Dame Street, Dublin
  • FREE!

I’m still working on my presentation so I don’t want to give too much away in case after midnight on Friday I scrap the whole thing and go with something else, but it’s looking like it’s going to be about e-books, take the form of an apology and begin with a picture of the dole queue. I think I’ll also manage to get a picture of the Jurassic Park attraction at Universal Studios in too. And a cutesy photo of a cat whispering in a dog’s ear.

Yes. Go figure all that out.

(And then come back and tell me, because I don’t how I’m going to do this twenty slides, twenty seconds thing!)

Do come and say hi if you’re around and if you’re there for the presentations, kindly laugh all the way through mine. Cheers.

P.S. While preparing my presentation, I found this on Cutest. Thing. EVER.

4 thoughts on “In Dublin this Saturday? Why, So Am I!

  1. Christopher Wills says:

    Oops I’ve just noticed the link and name on your post I really should learn to read properly. Sorry.
    My suggestion is use pictures on your slides not text. This gives you the opportunity to cut yourself short. Text slides make it obvious you haven’t finished when the next slide appears. Love to be there but I can’t.

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