Love in the Time of Amazon Rankings

Someone either tweeted or blogged about this video a couple of weeks back, and I’ve completely forgotten who it was. Damn my addled brain. But if it was you, please let me know so I can credit you with pointing me in the direction of it, because it’s brilliant. And sadly quite accurately reflective of the obsessive behavior incessantly checking your Amazon sales ranking can lead to…

And also: this is essentially a book trailer, in that it’s an advertisement for these people’s books. This, ladies and gents, is how it’s done. There’s no hard sell, no silly overstatements – in fact, you barely notice that they’re advertising their books at all. It’s total genius!

10 thoughts on “Love in the Time of Amazon Rankings

  1. Bernie Corbett says:

    Well it is a terrific film but is it brilliant advertising? After all it is telling us that these are two books nobody wants to buy, written by people who are nice but gullible and slightly self-centred. Irony works in advertising but what is the irony here?

    • catherineryanhoward says:

      Bernie, I think you’re taking it a bit literally. I certainly didn’t get ‘gullible and self-centered’ from watching that video – lighten up! 🙂

      This is EXCELLENT advertising, for two reasons:

      1. It’s very difficult to get people to watch your book trailers because, let’s face it, they’re usually boring. Videos like this, however, go viral. They get emailed, posted on blogs and linked to from Twitter, because they’re funny and as any Amazon rank obsessive knows, true as well! It was like that video that was doing the rounds a while back that I posted here at some stage, ‘So You Want to Write a Novel?’ That video ended up on Huffington Post, which has a readership of something like 20 million people. They get FAR more coverage than your average, straight-laced book trailer and for that reason alone are worthwhile.

      2. They don’t try to convince you you’ll like the book, but instead make a connection with the author or authors in this case. This – somewhat accidentally – is what my entire Mousetrapped campaign hinged on. If I’d seen ad for either of these books, I would’ve thought snoozefest. But after watching this video, I went on their websites. I looked up their books on Amazon. I added one of them to my To Buy list, all because I liked them. They have a sense of humor, aren’t afraid to poke fun of themselves and managed to do something original to advertise their work. This all bodes well for their books, in my opinion.

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