Radio Waves: Me on Newstalk

Thanks to last weekend’s coverage of Mousetrapped in The Sunday Times, yesterday morning was a very exciting time for Catherine’s Gmail account. It was just as well really that I didn’t have a chance to make a pot of coffee because if I’d drank it my heart might not have been able to take my usual amount of caffeine and all the excitement…

One of those emails invited me to talk on Tom Dunne’s show on Newstalk radio this morning. You can listen to it online here. Select Archives and then Tom Dunne from the menu, and it’s the top show listed in the archive (it says Wednesday but it has the right date, February 15th) and once Part I loads you can skip ahead to 17:30 to hear little old me.

UPDATE: I was also on Phantom 105.2FM’s Feedback show with the lovely Alison Curtis. That interview is a bit more focused on the self-publishing aspect, and you can listen here.

3 thoughts on “Radio Waves: Me on Newstalk

  1. Mark says:

    Just listened to the interview. As always you are a lot of fun to listen to – definitely the CM in you. Also, makes me want to get back to WDW. (I will be there in August for my daughter’s wedding.)

    Glad to hear the Moustrapped continues to do well.

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