The Sunday Times

I’m in the Sunday Times today on page 6 of the Irish edition: a news story entitled ‘Self-made Mouse tale is Amazon hit.’ The online version is here, but behind the Times‘ pay-wall (€1.50 for access to it for the day).

Regular readers of this blog will spot a few inaccuracies (I never officially had an agent for Mousetrapped; I organized this, it wasn’t just because I “got bored”; and earned €5,000?!? I wish!), it says my book trailers are “clearly unprofessionally made” (Ouch! Wouldn’t “amateur” have done?) and it makes me sound like a bit of an airhead, but all publicity is good publicity, right?

Anyway, I can’t tell you how glad I was to see my photos on there instead of one from the rainy, muddy photo-shoot they did with me on the side of a country road during the week, when my hair was frizz central.

Major bullet-dodging there. Like, you have no idea.

7 thoughts on “The Sunday Times

  1. diane says:

    Well done! How exciting. (If a tad inaccurate.) And yes, photo shoots are a bit of a nightmare for writers, aren’t they?! I’ve only had one, and the photographer was lovely, but I still found it cringey.

    • catherineryanhoward says:

      Thank you! 🙂

      Yes, I’m trying not to focus on the inaccuracies – could be worse! (A LOT worse!) Oh my god the photo shoot was SO cringey. It was getting dark, it was raining and I had to stand in the mud by a farmyard gate and so all this silly poses while cars drove by! It was a male photographer and clearly he didn’t understand the hour or so I’d just spent straightening my banshee hair would be rendered wasted by a single rain drop. I was DREADING opening the paper this morning because the photos aren’t online. But it all worked out! (Except for the hour of my life I spent getting my photo taken, of course..!)

      • Sandra Mara says:

        Hi Catherine, know the feeling, been there done that- they really do try to get you to do stupid poses but after a while you will get the hang of it – just say NO! They are usually free-lance photographers for the papers and are not too worried if you don’t want to look like an idiot – they just try it on with the new kids on the block.

        Congratulation on taking a leap with your own publishing and e publishing – from here on the only way is up. Do try to get some radio & TV interviews
        TV3 are good as are RTE and a few others – contact me if you need any info but usually a catchy press release will also do it if you don’t have any contacts there.

        Vanessa is fantastic in putting all this together and I think she could well run a few courses on your route to publishing which would go down a bomb. What’s your next project?

        My particular area if true crime, forensics etc but the next one may well be on a different track. Good to see you on ‘our’ new site and well done again!


        Sandra Mara

        • catherineryanhoward says:

          Hi Sandra,

          Thanks so much! I’m actually thinking (on Vanessa’s advice) of sending out a press release at the end of this month, talking about the success of it and the release of the new paperback edition, etc. so maybe something will come of that. (Fingers crossed!) But I may be picking your brain for contacts then!

          I’ve actually finished one novel and am working on a second (women’s commercial fiction). Can’t say too much as you know yourself but I have had some positive signs from a publisher but it all takes so much time and nothing is guaranteed, so I keep plugging away while I wait.

          Great to ‘meet’ you – we should get Vanessa to organise a party for! ;-D

          • catherineryanhoward says:

            P.S. Just had a look at your website – your books sound RIGHT up my street! Dreamed of working for the Behavourial Science Unit at FBI once upon a time (too much Silence of the Lambs when I was younger, me thinks!) Will definitely check them out.

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