Happy 1st Birthday, Catherine Caffeinated!

A year ago today – February 1st, 2010 – this little blog was born.

My blogging life before that consisted of a travel blog chronicling my Central American backpacking adventures (whose sole reason for existing was to counteract my mother’s wild imagination and assure her on a daily basis that yes, we were still alive) and some I’m-not-quite-sure-what-I’m-doing posts on a small, lonely corner of Blogger.com, so moving to a – gasp! – somewhat organized blog here at WordPress was a big, caffeine-infused occasion. Sometime during the last twelve months I adopted this lovely theme and found a pink typewriter and the rest… well, you know all about it, because I subject you to my ramblings anywhere from two to five times a week.

I always say Twitter is the best thing I ever did for my aspiring writer career, but blogging here has by far been the most enjoyable. (And anyway Twitter without blogging is like chips without mayonnaise: utterly pointless).

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it, although I hope you don’t do your reading like I do my writing: while also watching the TV.

(Hence the occasional typos.)

A lot of cool stuff has happened in the last twelve months.

I wonder what the next twelve will bring…

10 thoughts on “Happy 1st Birthday, Catherine Caffeinated!

  1. Frances Valente says:

    I have recently started reading your blog, and even quoted your recent self-publishing success in an essay for my MA in Professional Writing. I am enjoying reading about your writing career. You are an inspiration.

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