A Year in the Life of a Book

I’ve mentioned before AliMcNamara’s video blogs which chronicled her adventures as a debut author, covering everything from her writing room to delivery of her proof copies to her book’s launch (From Notting Hill With LoveActually, which I reviewed here). Now Miranda Dickinson, author of Fairytale of New York and and Welcome to My World, has made a New Year’s resolution to video blog once a week for year about the long process of writing, publishing and promoting a book.

Miranda explains:

“I’ve set myself the challenge this year to post a video blog every week for 52 weeks, to show a year in the life of a book. The video diary will follow the progress of It Started With a Kiss, from first draft, through editing stages, proofing, cover design, publicity, launch and beyond… I’m holding nothing back, so the good and not-so-good bits of taking a story from an initial idea to published novel will all be there for you to see.”

I think this is a great idea, and I love the videos Miranda has made already. The one below is actually Week 2 in which Miranda talks about writing a first draft, engagement rings and hats. The publishing process is always such a mystery for those of us aspiring to publication so I’m really looking forward to hearing about her adventures.

(It also doesn’t hurt that she’s pretty funny too.)

I found Miranda and her vlogs via the wonderful Chick Lit Reviews. Find out more and check out the videos on Miranda’s lovely blog, Coffee and Roses.