Mousetrapped Sales Hit the Big 2,000

As of today I have sold 2,000 copies of Mousetrapped. I’m not entirely sure how this happened but I have my suspicions; let’s just say if you live in the UK and you got a Kindle for Christmas, we are now best friends. And since my original goal was to sell 1,000 copies by March 29, 2011 – or within a year – I think it’s pretty sweeet.

What’s even sweeter is that things seem to be really speeding up. On September 1 last (when I did my six months ‘Big Reveal’) I’d sold 531 copies. I hit 1,000 on November 15.’s Kindle store sales went especially mental over Christmas, overtaking my Kindle store sales for the first time ever, and then leaving them behind in the dust.

Perspective #1:

I sold more e-books in the month of December than I did any kind of books in my first four months of sales (and that included a book launch).

Perspective #2:

At this rate by the end of January I’ll have earned around $1,700 just on Amazon Kindle sales this month.

Perspective #3:

When I worked full-time in Florida as a front desk agent, my take-home pay was about $1,300 a month.

You can see why I’d be happy. More on all this at the end of the month, when I’ll be explaining why I’m no longer thinking of Mousetrapped as a self-publishing success, but an e-book self-publishing success. With graphs and charts and crap.

None of this, by the way, is to prove anything about self Vs traditional publishing; my ultimate goal has always been and still is to get a book deal with a major publishing house. Rest assured I’m still wrinkling my nose at blog posts that use terms like gatekeepers and The Big Six. But this way I can afford the ink cartridges, fancy pens and coffee beans I need to get my novel written.

So you know that dusty old manuscript you were thinking that maybe you’d release an e-book? Drop what you’re doing and upload it now.

(And if you have an e-book for sale already on or, run over there and tag it ‘Cheap Kindle books.’ Trust me on this one.)

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12 thoughts on “Mousetrapped Sales Hit the Big 2,000

  1. Andrea "The American Roommate" says:

    Congrats!! I also wanted to make sure you’re setting aside Euros for the Summer Vacation Cocktail Fund 🙂

  2. andy holgate says:

    Congratulations on impressive sales figures, that’s really cool. Have to say that it’s well deserved because the book is such a fun, likeable and naturally easy read.

    I’ll be emailing this post to my publisher in an attempt to get them to release my newly released first book on the kindle. It’s been in the top 1000 all books and the top 20 sports biography on hard copies with a view to an electronic edition if it does well. Your success HAS to be inspiring in arguing for the electronic route.

    Very Well done. Easily my favourite book of 2010.

    • catherineryanhoward says:

      Thanks Andy!

      If I were you I’d be constantly on them to do it until they do, because you are undoubtedly missing out. I could go on and on about how ebooks are easily to sell, etc. but you probably already know this. You just have to make sure the price is right (between $2.99 and $4.99).

      When someone buys a print copy of Mousetrapped, it’s because they heard about the book and want to check it out. And I had to work to get them to hear about it. But when someone buys a Kindle edition, it’s invariably because they were looking to use their device, thought of what they’d like to read and found MT through a key word search. Then cause the price is low enough for them to take a chance on, they buy it. I think e-books account for something like 80-85% of my sales.

      Check as well that you don’t own the e-book rights (if you did, you could just go ahead and upload yourself to Amazon DTP). Chances are THEY do though, so get convincing them!

  3. Bridget Whelan says:

    Well done! Well done! Well done!…I have been following this blog and the progress of Mousetrapped since the summer and I think you’re an example to us all . I’ve already used you as a self publishing case study in classes and that was back when you had only 500+ Now you’re an ebook success I think you’re a champion of something really exciting. Well done. well done. (Somethings can’t be said too often)

    • catherineryanhoward says:

      Thanks Bridget! It’s for people like you I post my numbers – not to toot my own horn, or though it may sometimes seem like it!! I think everyone should be taking advantage of this e-book situation because it won’t last forever – soon the publishing houses will lower their prices so they match the rest of us, and then us self-pubbers won’t stand out as much. Also if you get in now you can take advantage of all the new e-book reader owners that are arriving to the party every day.

      Thanks again – and some things can’t be heard too often! 😉

  4. Belinda Kroll says:

    Just wanted to let you know you’ve won the Stylish Blogger Award! Check out my latest blog post to learn more. And congrats on your sales! It’s impressive and inspiring. 🙂

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