The Best Wrapping Paper Ever

How gorgeous is this Penguin Books wrapping paper?

Santa wrapped some of my Christmas presents in it and then forgot where he’d put the second roll. (It was in the attic, Santa.) So I have one lovely untouched roll whose future I’m considering carefully, and I salvaged enough of the used paper to cover my otherwise totally boring 2011 diary.

In my Future Dream Library/Office, I’m not going to have wallpaper on the walls. Boring! Instead I was going to glue maps of places I’ve been to the walls and seal them with a coat of varnish, just like Eva did in We Need to Talk About Kevin. (Without the awful behavior that immediately followed her finishing the project, I might add.)

But if you had enough of this wrapping paper, wouldn’t that be the most amazing covering for your library walls? (The bits that don’t have shelves of books on them anyway.)

I think so.

You can buy Penguin Books wrapping paper from You can buy loads of other cute Penguin Books stuff from ArtMeetsMatter, including the book cover deck-chairs that’ll be decorating my Future Dream Balcony…

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