Happy International “The Diet Starts Today” Day!

Ah, the first Monday after New Years: traditional The Diet Starts Today Day the world over.

It’s always the same story – you had a huge Christmas dinner, followed by leftovers five different ways (turkey curry, anyone?) and then you went for the chocolate brownie for dessert, and then a half hour later you went for another chocolate brownie, only this time you heated it up a bit in the microwave and threw it in a bowl with some vanilla ice-cream and it was so good you wondered why you hadn’t been doing this every night since the brownies were baked-

Sorry. Tad distracted there. Ahem. Well, anyway…

A few months ago a Twitter link led me to the video above, which led me to Ben Does Life, the blog by the same guy: Ben. Not only has he lost a huge amount of weight in a very short space of time (and through exercise alone), but he has completely changed his life in the process. Two years ago he sat down at his computer to blog about his resolution to lose the weight that was making him miserable, and now he’s looking forward to appearing on the cover of Runners World magazine.

As I’ve said before my Google Reader is like the wardrobe in the Chronicles of Narnia: it often leads me to strange and wonderful places. Through following Ben’s blog, I discovered One Twenty Five, where the lovely Elizabeth blogs about running, weight loss and gorgeous black ankle boots. Elizabeth’s been running too, but she also seems to be watching what she eats, and shares photos of her colorful – and surprisingly appetizing-looking – low carb meals.

(Recently Elizabeth and Ben met up at a marathon in Las Vegas – their first encounter in the 3-D world that lies beyond Tumblr. We’re all hoping they get it together, despite the fact that they live thousands of miles apart. They’re both so cute and nice, and wouldn’t it be a match made in blogging heaven? They even have an obvious celebrity couple name: ElizaBEN. Hello? It’s perfect!)

So if you’re embarking on a new diet today, add those to your blog list. It’s not that they’re filled with practical advice or anything – which we don’t need, because we already know what to do, we just need to do it – but watching other people win their weight battles can be very motivating.

And if it doesn’t – added bonus! – this feigned enthusiasm for the flavor of raw carrot sticks definitely should: Oh, raw carrots cut into smaller raw carrots! They tastes SO. GOOD. Yummy. I’d take these over cheesecake any-

No, sorry. Can’t do it. (I wouldn’t mind a chocolate brownie though…)

Good luck! x

4 thoughts on “Happy International “The Diet Starts Today” Day!

  1. Andrea "The American Roommate" says:

    And so the journey begins…

    From this point forward, I vow to make actual use of the gym membership I pay for.

    And when I see you this summer in Europe (!!!), we will both express joyous wonder over how great the other looks. For realsies.

  2. E!! says:

    Hi hi hi hi Catherine! Oh what a wonderful post to read! Thank you for the weigh(tehe)-too-kind words! I laughed out loud when I read ElizaBen… not gonna lie, I HIGHLY approve of this. We thought of “Ben Does E,” we’re scandalous like that.

    Thank you for reading, and making such an awesome post about my bloggy, much appreciated. I took a gander at yours, and have def added you to my google reader (my Internet holy grail). Best of luck with your goals in 2011, and thank you again!! Xo E

    • catherineryanhoward says:

      Oh, wow! Hi there. I feel like I’ve Tumblr royalty on my little blog…! 🙂

      No problem at all – I should be thanking you for the inspiration. My novel is actually mildly related to my weight loss (or gain – there’s been hardly any loss!) so at least I can use the years of dieting, etc. as research, but now I feel like it’s served its purpose and needs to go. So here’s hoping for 2011…

      And yeah, ElizaBEN rocks. Just remember when they’re calling you that on TMZ who came up with it! ;-D


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