A Crafty Catherine Christmas: Wrap It Up!

I love, love, LOVE wrapping presents in weird and wonderful ways. If you’re like me and you leave presents under the tree for a couple of weeks beforehand, you prezzies should look good as they’ll be on display. (Although you’re probably not like me in that I doubt you wrap fake presents – empty boxes – and ban all real ones from beneath the tree, lest they clash with your color scheme.) The only problem with magnificent wrapping, of course, is that sometimes the present inside is a major disappointment…

Today I’m going to show you how I use baubles to decorate my gifts. Yes, baubles. They look fantabulously festive and better yet, they’re cheap (the ones I used cost about €1 around $1.30 or 84p). Now I know what you’re going to say: not as cheap as not using them, and just putting a sticker gift tag on a hastily wrapped gift instead. (Sheets of sticker-like gift tags, by the way, are right up there with tinsel in my list of Items I Think Should Be Banned at Christmas.) But here’s what you do: only wrap a few gifts like this, prominently display them in your home to get your money’s worth and then give them to your parents, siblings, children or spouse, so you get all the baubles back afterwards. Recycle, people, recycle!

You will need:

  • 1 mini bauble
  • 3 baubles (I got mine in Tescos)
  • Gift tag
  • Curling ribbon
  • Wrapping paper (I got mine in Next)
  • A present (or an empty box, for fake ones!)
  • Sticky tape and a scissors.

It goes without saying that everything should co-ordinate.

(Click on images for a larger size.)

Ugh – just look at this boring fake present! The horror.


Wrap your present and put a good length of curling ribbon on it (across the top and down 2 sides, cross at the base and back up the other 2 sides, tie in a knot at the top). Attach your gift tag.


Cut three lengths of ribbon about a foot long and use them to tie your baubles to the top of the present, hooking the ribbon around the knot on top of the box. Leave all loose ribbons ends lying out of the way.


Take a loose ribbon end and thread the mini bauble onto it until it sits on top of the three larger ones. Stick some double-sided tape or doubled-over sticky tape in between each larger bauble to hold it together.


Curl all the loose ribbon ends and wrap them around the baubles.


Be very, very pleased with yourself.

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