A Crafty Catherine Christmas: Snowy Windows

I realize that most of you may already have naturally snowy windows, what with a good deal of the UK and Ireland recently experiencing weather resembling something out of The Day After Tomorrow (except without Jake G, unfortunately) but here in Cork we had about fifteen minutes of snow in total, and any the windows I want to snow on are indoors anyway, inside our porch.

The key to perfect snowy windows is to not scrimp on the snow spray, which is hard to do when there’s about two long sprays in each can and it isn’t free. You can just start spraying freehand if you like, but I find prefer to use a template. Take a sheet of A4 paper or one of the larger sides of a cereal box and draw an uneven line about a third from the end, a line that rises up slightly on both ends. Then cut along the line and discard the bottom part of the page or cardboard. This is your snowy template. Tape it to the window before you start to spray, hold another sheet of paper under the window (where you want the snow to stop) and spray away.

To complete our festive front door my mum adds a berry wreath and we hang “Santa’s Washing Line” – a decoration we picked up in Debenhams a couple of years back that is so adorable it breaks my little heart – up above it.

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5 thoughts on “A Crafty Catherine Christmas: Snowy Windows

  1. diane says:

    Oh, you are welcome to all current and future snow I experience 😉 LOVELY door and windows — I’m squeeing at the little Santa’s clothesline, which may be the cutest thing ever!

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