So You Want To Meet a Disney Character…

Last week I posted So You Want To Write a Novel, a hilarious XtraNormal video featuring the aspiring author of a “fiction novel” who is hellbent on making every single thing they tell you NOT to do if you want to get published, or just even taken seriously. If you haven’t watch it already, you really should. It’s got nearly 90,000 views at time of writing and has been featured on the Huffington Post. So there.

I’ve since discovered another great XtraNormal video (above), this one about the joy that is working Disney character meet and greets. This is where some unfortunately teenager is sweating to death inside a Disney character costume that weighs more than their car in ninety-degree Florida heat, obliged to entertain screaming little children (and their pushy parents) for next-to-no dollars an hour. It features that old chestnut “What time is the 3 o’clock parade?” and some very un-Disney language.

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