So You Want To Write a Novel…

This hilarious video stars an aspiring writer who having quit his job, bought a new laptop and completed one page of his “fiction novel” is now hell bent on making every mistake in the How Not To Get Published book: mass e-mailing agents, copyrighting his submission and thinking editors will fix his spelling (because that’s what they do, right?).

Not even never having read a book isn’t going to stop him from realizing his publishing dreams – after all, he has “seen all of the Harry Potter movies” – and he’s confident that his “science fiction crossed with chick lit crossed with literary fiction” idea will earn him six figures and a movie deal.

Um, oh-kay then…

I, for one, love these writers. I utterly adore them, and hope their number ever grows. Why? Because they make the odds so much better for the rest of us – us who are sane, read books and can spell.

As his friend says, “I assumed you’ve used a steak knife, right? So do you think you’re qualified to perform neurosurgery?”

The video was created by David of The Corner.

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