Get Your MS Read by an Editor AND Support a Good Cause

To help raise funds for the High Court appeal of Paul Chambers – a UK man charged with and found guilty of menace for posting a joke on TwitterScott Pack is offering you the opportunity to have your manuscript read in full by a proper editor. (That’s him, by the way. He runs the Harper Collins imprint, The Friday Project.)

He says:

“I am auctioning the chance to have your unpublished manuscript read, in full, by me. I will write up a detailed report outlining my editorial advice and tips for making the work more attractive to publishers and agents. I will tell you what is good and what is shite. I will do everything I can to help you make your manuscript as good as possible. Hell, if it is really good I might even publish it myself (just don’t bloody well bank on it). Might be the perfect way to round off NaNoWriMo or whatever it is called. I’ll be doing this in my own time and it isn’t official HarperCollins or Friday Project business but I will do a thorough job. You will not be disappointed.”

I believe the bidding is currently around £200, which is buttons considering how much you would pay a professional editing service to give you the same kind of feedback on a full-length book. Help your writing career AND a good cause, and pop over to Scott’s blog for more information. Bidding closes on Friday afternoon.

Good luck!

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