My NaNoWriMo Diary | Days 5-7

November is National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo for only slightly shorter. The aim of the game is to get down a legible 50,000 words, which means completing an average of 1,667 words per day for thirty days. I’ve failed (drastically) once before, but 50k would bring me past the finish line of the first draft of Novel No.2. Can it be done?

Well based on the evidence I’ve generated so far, I’d have to say no.

Day 5 | Friday 5th November

The word of the day is… ugh. Now – does anyone have another 1,666 of them?

Today went something like this:

7.45am: Wake up.

8.45am: Get up.

8.46am: Coffee preparation. Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf House Blend in a one cup filter belgique.

8.57am: Morning rounds. Yahoo mail, Gmail account, other Gmail account, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Twitter again, Yahoo mail again, Novel Rank, Amazon DTP, Perez Hilton, TMZ, Google News, Twitter, repeat as required.

9.45am: Get dressed.

10.10am: Coffee preparation. Decide to open the Dunkin Donuts House Blend and make it in the french press as this will waste more time.

10.04am: Breakfast.

10.35am: I’ll just check Twitter…

11.15am: Open NaNo MS file. Start to write.

11.25am: Was that the postman?

11.26am: Read mail.

11.30am: I’ll just check Twitter…

12.15pm: Back to MS.

12.27pm: Isn’t it cold in here?

12.35pm: Move some stuff around. Note to self: cutting and pasting does not increase word count.

12.46pm: I’ll just check Twitter…

[Disappears down rabbit hole after following interesting link]

2.15pm: Coffee preparation. Back to the filter belgique.

2.28pm: Back to MS.

2.29pm: I’ll just check Twitter…

5.16pm: It’s past five? Really? Where does the time go?

5.23pm: Close MS. There’s always tomorrow. Well, until November 30th anyway.

Look what I found today: NaNo-generated stats. De. Press. Ing.

Day 6 | Saturday 6th November

Now maybe I’m a bit slow to catch on, but it was only today I realized that the progress bar in the word count widget (above right) is red in color because I’m behind. It’d be nice to see it green – does it go green? – before the end of the month.

It’s not happening today though. I managed 1,744 words but as I have now gone two of the last six days without writing, I’m waaaay behind.

Day 7 | Sunday 8th November

Managed 0.00 words today (that’s a Bronx Beat reference) but I have three rock solid excuses:

  1. Reading the Sunday newspapers took up nearly all of my morning
  2. The Brazilian grand prix was on for the whole afternoon
  3. The X-Factor results show absorbed the majority of my evening.

I’ve had a mini break-through though, which has me feeling hopeful about next week: I’ve realized the beginning of my novel is in entirely the wrong place. Does that mean the 8k or so words I’ve written this far are now basically useless? Yes.

But let’s not dwell on that…

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5 thoughts on “My NaNoWriMo Diary | Days 5-7

  1. Rod Griffiths says:

    I’ve loved reading this but it does pretty much convince me that I’m right not to do it. (See my blog for more details). I love your excuses, some of them anyway, like the Brazilian Grand Prix. I felt sorry for Jensen. Lat year he scythed through the field to fifth and won the world title, this year he scythed through the field to fifth (I’m allowed to repeat that ‘cos it’s for dramatic effect) and lost the title.
    I’d give up the newspapers, if I was you, they’re just depressing and half of what they bang on about never happens, not counting the stuff they make up anyway. Better to make up your own news, preferably 1667 words of it each day.

    • catherineryanhoward says:

      I don’t feel that sorry for him because (i) he won last year and (ii) he’s not Mark Webber! 🙂 And I couldn’t possibly give up my Sunday morning ritual of newspapers and coffee.

      I’m really on the fence about NaNo right now. The pressure (and lack of performance in the face of it) is making me hate myself, but as Emma pointed out in a comment on the previous post, shouldn’t I be more than capable of producing words every single day if I have aspirations to be a professional writer? I really want to lock myself away in a little holiday home, as I did on the first novel, because that’s the only way I think I’ll ever get anything done. There’s too many people – and too many distractions! – in my house right now! 🙂

      • Emma Newman says:

        Oh no! I hope my words haven’t turned into a particularly nasty nobble on that big guilt stick of doom!

        Regarding the distractions – are they more symptoms? I’d be willing to bet good money that the avoidance is all to do with fear, and there’s nothing scarier than working on that life dream thing.

        First drafts are crummy. Whenever I feel avoidance behaviour kicking in, I remind myself that mood has nothing to do with being able to write. Then I make myself go to the WIP, then out loud I say “I give myself permission to write complete and utter crap.” Then I just have a crack at it.

        It works for me – why not give it a try? The worst that happens is you feel a bit silly for talking to yourself, but I bet that’s not the worst thing you’ve done 😉

        • catherineryanhoward says:

          Not at all – what you said made perfect sense! I don’t have a job right now (see my About Me section for reason why) so apart from the um, having a book deal bit, my day to day life is exactly as it would be if I WAS a professional writer, and if my day to day life mainly involves reruns of Oprah, daytime naps and Twitter – well, I wouldn’t be very prolific, now would I?! (And also perhaps, the subject of a few lawsuits for failure to deliver manuscripts…!)

          I’m just a chronic procrastinator. I shall try talking to myself – I do it anyway so why not do it for this? 🙂

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