Praise for the Bubbliness

Mick Rooney of the POD, Self-Publishing and Independent Publishing blog had some really nice words to say about my talk at the One Stop Self-Publishing Conference:

“Catherine Ryan Howard went to work for a year in Disney World and decided to write a book called Mousetrapped about her experience on her return. She talked about the power of social networking at the conference. I don’t know of anyone more bubbly and infectious to talk about the subject and the importance of networking for self-published authors. Catherine created Catherine Caffeinated, her blog, and used CreateSpace to publish her book. If anyone couldn’t be encouraged or inspired to start a blog or create a Twitter or Facebook account after Catherine’s informative piece, then, frankly, they never will!”

How nice is that? Thank you, Mick! This is from his review of the conference, which you can read here (Part I) and here (Part II), and if you’re at all interested in self-publishing, you should already be subscribing to Mick’s informative blog.

The extremely talented (and award-winning!) Alison Wells also enjoyed the conference, despite me forcing her to take over the live-tweeting while I talked, and you can read her full report of the event here. (Tangent alert: Alison also has a fantastic NaNoWriMo prep post. She did it last year, reaching her 50,000 word target in just 30 days, so I really think we should listen to her!)

You can also read, should you have a few minutes to kill:

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