Free Stuff! Quick, Over Here!

Yesterday my little old blog hit 20,000 visits. Now while I try not to be obsessed with numbers, figures and followers, I am really quite proud that this blog has had so many hits since it launched on February 1st last. So yay.

And it’s all thanks to YOU, loyal blog readers.

(Or mostly thanks to you. It’s also a little bit thanks to the people who ended up here by Googling “George Clooney Nespresso.”)

As a thank you, I am offering you the opportunity to download an e-book edition of Mousetrapped: A Year and A Bit in Orlando, Florida, for free.

Yes, FREE. Like, as in no cost involved whatsoever. That’s a saving of $2.99, or a speciality coffee. Every little helps, as Tescos would say.

All you need to do is go to, select the version you would like to download (you may have an e-reader device; you may just want to read it as a PDF on your computer) and enter the voucher SN78N at checkout. Then – hooray! – you’ll have a copy of Mousetrapped that you got for free.

Feel free to pass this voucher onto anyone you like or tweet a link to this post or whatever. The more the merrier. The only catch is the voucher code will expire tonight at midnight GMT, so you need to use it before then.

So – hurry. Click here to download yours. Now!

(If you experience any problems downloading for free, please email me at

6 thoughts on “Free Stuff! Quick, Over Here!

  1. Cynthia Briggs says:

    Hey Catherine!
    Thanks for the freebie of Moustrapped-very thoughtful. Will be reading it later this week while traveling. I’m up for a light-hearted read, and it sounds like that’s what I’m going to get. You are, indeed, a kick (that’s a good thing)!

    Cynthia Briggs
    Cookbook Author

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