Best Parking Sign EVER

I’m still recovering from my crazy jaunt across the United States: my friend Andrea’s birthday celebrations in NYC, my first ever trip to San Francisco, catching up with old friends and new sights in my beloved Orlando, Florida. It was three cities, four hotels and five flights in just ten days, and I think I may need another holiday just to get over it…

Depending on how less annoying it becomes to upload video today, there may be a little Catherine-Ryan-Howard-in-association-with-iMovie-production coming soon, but in the meantime I’ll leave you with this, potentially my favorite picture taken during the trip:

While in San Francisco, we took a train to the University of California at Berkeley. Now I don’t know about you, but for me these big name American universities are mystical places where geniuses are a dime a dozen, the Next Big Things are invented and the knowledge of the world is added to on a daily basis. I would seriously considering offering up a least a piece of a limb to be a student at one of them (American Studies at Georgetown, if I get to pick) and even walking around such a campus was a major thrill.

It’s not so much the students – although if you like nerds, as I do, it was quite the fest, let me tell you! – but the thought of what’s going on behind closed doors, in the research labs and dorm rooms (and not in an icky way – ew!); the next Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg or Robert Gallo could be hard at work.

Or my future husband could be filling out his NASA Astronaut Corps application.

You never know…

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