I’m Back – But Leaving Again

I have (sadly!) returned from my utterly amazing but completely exhausting US trip, and I am happy to say that Eva and I had a fantastic time in New York (with Andrea!), San Francisco and Orlando, despite the very best efforts of Delta Airlines to ruin our trip. (There’ll be one of my infamous iMovies chronicling the entire holiday sometime next week.) I got back yesterday afternoon and all I’ve done is catch up on four hours of X-Factor (Aiden, I love you!) and try to get some sleep, as tomorrow I’m off again, this time only as far as Dublin for the Irish PEN talk on e-publishing on Thursday night and the One Stop Self-Publishing Conference on Saturday.

This hectic schedule is interfering no end with my post-Barnes & Noble-book-spree reading schedule, but such is life.


I went to the States with the books on the left. I came back from the States with those plus the books on the right.


A couple of exciting things happened while I was away. The first was that the lovely Jane Wenham-Jones recommended my blog in an article she wrote for this month’s Writing Magazine (page 29, I believe) and the second was that I was quoted in an article about self-publishing that appeared in Ireland’s most popular Sunday newspaper, the Sunday Independent. Hooray! (And thank you, Alison Walsh!) You can read the article here. I also wanted to tell you that Wanderlust and Lipstick are running their annual travel writing competition for women, where the top prize is a 10 day trip to Vietnam and Cambodia. I won a category prize in it last year and it really gave me a big boost, so get scribbling, ladies!

Something resembling normal service – including responses to emails and tweets, if you’re waiting on one of those – will therefore resume on Monday, if I haven’t lapsed into a sleep-deprived coma by then.

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