An Ickle Reminder: Me, Talking About E-Books in Dublin Next Week

I’m currently on holiday, but that doesn’t stop me from reminding you about what’s happening a week from today…

Something a bit weird has happened: I’ve been asked to give a talk to people.

Like, in public. About e-books.

The invite came from the Irish PEN society, and the talk is The Changing Face of Publishing: How Digital Publishing Can Work for You. It’s in Dublin on Thursday 14th October at 8pm.  (Hopefully between now and then they won’t find out that the last time I spoke in public was in a debating class circa 1998…)

The good news is that I’m not the only one speaking and the other two actually know what they’re talking about: Eoin Purcell of Irish Publishing News and Gareth Cuddy of Being digital publishing experts, they’ll be talking about what this e-book revolution is all about, and how it changes the role of publishers, booksellers and writers. I’ll be talking about e-books from a personal perspective, i.e. how you as a writer working on your own can use this e-book bonanza (LOVE that word) to your advantage.

Tickets are €5 (€3 to members) and they must be booked in advance. I’d love it if you – you and ANYONE you know who might even be remotely interested – could come along.

My Twitter friend and fellow Inkwell Writer Maria Duffy has volunteered/been coerced into organizing a bit of an Irish Twitter Writers outing to the same event, followed immediately by a bit of an Irish Twitter Writers drinks thing in the onsite bar – or wherever the nearest place is that’s open and serves alcohol. (This is also super nice of her considering she has the launch of her own book only the night before!) You can RSVP to her @mduffywriter on Twitter, if you like, or just show up and surprise us.

The details and stuff:

The Changing Face of Publishing: How Digital Publishing Can Work for You

Thursday 14 October 2010, the United Arts Club, 3 Upper Fitzwilliam Street, Dublin 2 at 8pm
Just as the music industry has been transformed by on-line and electronic media, so too no writer should ignore the fast-changing market of electronic books and selling and promoting books online. Attend this session to be ahead of the curve!
Booking essential: E-mail or phone Irish PEN: 087 966 0770
Costs: €3 members or €5 non-members
Speakers: Author Catherine Ryan Howard, Gareth Cuddy of DirecteBooks, Eoin Purcell of Irish Publishing News
Catherine Ryan Howard is a writer and blogger from Cork who in March 2010 self-published her travel memoir, Mousetrapped: A Year and A Bit in Orlando, Florida. Almost as an afterthought, Catherine released e-book versions on Amazon’s Kindle store and Apple’s iBooks and was amazed at how easily, cheaply and quickly authors could upload their content and start to sell their work. Hundreds of ebooks later, she wants to spread the word. Her popular blog, Catherine Caffeinated, chronicles the highs and lows of her self-publishing experience.
Gareth Cuddy is MD of DirecteBooks, Ireland’s only eBook store. Also publishing in eBook format, DirecteBooks can sell your book in 42 different online book stores including Amazon and Barnes and Noble.
Eoin Purcell is ex-commissioning editor at Mercier and a publishing industry analyst. An expert on ePublishing, he runs Green Lamp Media.

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