Out of the Office (and the Country, and the Continent)

I’m outta here!

I am finally – FINALLY! – off to my spiritual home of the States for a crazy trip involving three cities, two coasts, a wizard, a prison, a battleship, five flights in ten days, ill-controlled spending sprees in American Eagle, Kate’s Paperie and Barnes and Noble, and the purchasing of as many packets of Oreo Cakesters as I can carry.

I’m replaying some old posts while I’m away; just ignore them if you’ve read them already. And if you see any tweets from me with links to my own blog posts in them, rest assured those babies were scheduled.

If I happen to wonder into a Wi-Fi hotspot I may tweet some jealous-making photos, but otherwise I’ll do it when I get back.

In the meantime, don’t miss me too much.

Catherine x

P.S. Just a quick reminder that if you’re in Dublin on October 14th, I’m doing this.

5 thoughts on “Out of the Office (and the Country, and the Continent)

  1. catherineryanhoward says:

    Thanks, all! Although I really do need to control my spending sprees… otherwise I’ll be in big trouble when I get back!

    @Andrea See you in – OMG! – less than 24 hours!!!

    @Jan – I’ve 3 nights in San Fran. First time in California so really looking forward to it!

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