My Big E-Book Lesson: A Good News Update

You may recall how a few weeks ago I discovered I’d made a rookie e-book error out of sheer laziness and cost myself some sales.

If not, here’s a summary. After I published my e-book edition of Mousetrapped on Smashwords, I downloaded the PDF version and had a quick flick through the pages to make sure everything was okay. After I uploaded to Amazon’s DTP, I did the same thing but on my mother’s Kindle. That too looked okay, and so I decided to ignore Smashwords’ recommendation to download Adobe’s free Digital Editions and the EPUB (standard) version of my book, and then use the first to check the second.

Cut to five months later, when a comment on my blog alerts me to the fact that the EPUB version of Mousetrapped, which is for sale on Barnes and Noble and through Apple’s iBooks, has 1,300+ pages, or a page break after every paragraph. Trouble is, I’ve already sold more than 30 of them. Bigger trouble is, I won’t sell any more, because one of the victims has taken the time to leave a review complaining about the formatting problem. I fix the problem and upload the book, but the damage has already been done. You can read about the full saga in all its glory here.

This past weekend I was checking up on some Smashwords sales when I thought to visit my Barnes and Noble e-store listing and see if anyone had posted any more icky reviews.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that not only had the original icky review disappeared, but in its place was this loveliness:

“[It] is a light interesting travelogue about a young woman traveling from overseas and experiencing the unique world of Orlando Fl and working for Disney. It has been an enjoyable and interesting read. I had a little problem with the e-book formatting on my nook but the author herself saw my review and sent a free voucher to get another download – that’s pretty nice! I am now finished with the book and was nicely pleased with it. I share some of the same fascinations with the culture of the area where the story takes place; Disney, NASA etc. We all have some adventures from our youth, (I like to refer to them as times of Ramen noodles and tuna) at the time it seems like that was the hardest of circumstances ever. But as we grow and learn, looking back we appreciate the past struggles more and more and would not trade them for anything. That is what I got from this book. Keep going and keep writing Catherine.”

How nice is that?

Answer: VERY.

Thank you, anonymous Barnes and Noble reader!

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