All of You on the Good Earth: Apollo 8

In the Mission Space chapter of my book Mousetrapped, I talk about how the crew of Apollo 8 – the first of humankind to escape the gravitational bonds of earth, travel 250,000 miles away from home and take a look back at it – read from The Book of Genesis as they orbited the moon on Christmas Eve, 1968.

In researching what looks to be a mammoth piece about my Charlie Duke encounter (Friday, if I finish it!), I’ve found a recording of Apollo 8‘s Genesis reading on YouTube. They faced criticism upon their return but even though I have no religion myself, I can still appreciate the eerie wonder of this moment, the timeliness of the words written thousands of years before, the realization that venturing away from the earth had only served to make our home look more beautiful.

Oh! [Shivers.] It still gives me chills.

Click here to read more about why I’m astronuts.

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