Thank You

While I knew last week’s posts about how much it cost me to self-publish Mousetrapped and how many copies of it I’ve sold would prove popular, I didn’t realize just how popular. Despite not posting anything else for the entire week, some 1,300 of you visited my blog. (An average week is 500, so that was pretty amazing for my corner of the blogosphere.)

An added bonus occurred on Sunday when through what I think is a combination of increased blog traffic and Amazon reducing the cost of Mousetrapped‘s Kindle edition to just $2.29, I hit No.1 in the “Bestsellers in Orlando” category for all books. This is big for me, and considerably more relevant than the category I’ve topped before, which is Kindle Books – Kindle Store -> etc. etc. etc.-> South Atlantic. I think it deserves a cup of tea and a biscuit, don’t you?

I know who I have to thank though, so THANK YOU for all your comments, links and re-tweets, or even just reading my blog. An extra special thanks to everyone who has bought a copy.

Consider yourself a starbar.


8 thoughts on “Thank You

  1. Catherine Rotte-Murray says:

    Well done Catherine – you really have shared a lot of info for people who are interested in the whole self-publishing area. There’s been a fun BBQ over at Karen G’s blog at and lots of writers were visiting there – you can link up with other bloggers that are like-minded and expand you followers list by just commenting on 3 of her commenters and bringing some virtual food to the party – a pot luck thing. Great fun and I added about 18 new followers as a result. Have a look.
    Hope you continue to sell the book – still have to get it but I will do one day in Cork!
    All the best, Catherine.

  2. Catherine Rotte-Murray says:

    Coincidentally – when I had posted the previous comment I found I’d a new Facebook friend from the Weekend blog BBQ party – Angie Ledbetter from Cajun country – and there was a link on her page to this:
    and here I found book reviews and what was on it? this!
    Quite serendipitous wouldn’t you say? I just had to let you know – you may already know her! She’s on my followed list now and you might be too. I don’t know if you are following my blog or on FB. HAve a look via my blog anyway.

  3. Rebecca Brown says:

    Well done Catherine, you really deserve that success (and 1300 visits, wowsers!).

    You’ve worked hard, helped a lot of people, provided extremely detailed and comprehensive information about the whole self-publishing process and produced a fantastic book that I loved reading.

    Becca x

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