Coffee Break: My Beloved Bodum Filter Belgique

A very quick coffee break this Friday in which I introduce you to the most important element of my coffee relationship: my Bodum Filter Belgique.

It’s a cheap and cheerful plastic filter that will make a perfect cup of coffee every time. It comes with its own cup but will fit into most coffee mugs, it saves you throwing out unwanted coffee or washing your cafetière, and it will travel.

One dessert spoon of coffee makes the perfect cup. Simply dump your coffee in the receptacle, throw the filter in and then fill with boiling water. (The lid is pictured here which I used about three times and then discarded.) I got mine in my local Gloria Jeans – it was an early morning impulse buy; I was on my way to work and needed something to cheer me up –  but you can buy it from Bodum online or from

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4 thoughts on “Coffee Break: My Beloved Bodum Filter Belgique

  1. Jenni says:

    I’ve just broken the heating section of my beloved yet ancient filter coffee set up and trying to work out what to get as a replacement. I think this might be the perfect solution so thank you for this wonderful, and timely post!

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