Putting the Caffeine in Catherine, Caffeinated

I have a very small announcement to make: I’m going to start blogging about coffee.

Yes: six months later, I’m actually going to put some caffeine in Catherine, Caffeinated.

These posts will be short and only about once a fortnight, and will mainly consist of me telling you about the coffee I drink, the way I make it, the places I tend to drink it and the wide variety of mugs I drink it in.

I know what you’re thinking.

You’re thinking, this is going to be riveting.

For starters, I want to tell you about Robert Roberts Coffee, who make an American Blend I pretty much live on. They’re on Facebook. If you like coffee and you live in Ireland, go there right now and ‘Like’ their page. Then keep an eye on their updates. They’re always looking for tasters, samplers and survey takers and some of it involves getting free coffee. They sent me a bag of their Decaf Java blend just for sending an email and – very excitingly! – I was on a taster panel for their new Italian espresso style blend. (Is there anything more exciting than getting an unmarked bag of coffee in the mail? I doubt it.) We were even asked to comment on the potential design of the bag. And knowing I was, um… instrumental (!) in its conception, I’ll definitely be picking up a bag or five of it when it hits the shelves in the next few months. That and the fact that it’s yummy.

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