Self-Printing Promotion: Forum Fun


As a POD self-publisher, you’re going to encounter plenty of opportunities to talk about the experience, share tips and seek out fellow sane people who don’t believe their 180,000 word book about ice cream trucks in the year 3021 is going to land on the bestseller lists without editing, professional cover design or, well, being any good. The best place to do this other than your blog is on forums.

Arm yourself with some links to your book’s listing, book trailer and wherever you can download a sample first chapter, and head to:

  • Your POD service’s website. Both Lulu and CreateSpace have extensive community forums where discussions take place on everything from which fonts to use to how often royalties are paid. An extremely useful source of information, you can also use it to advertise your book, invite constructive criticism or organize book swaps.
  •’s discussion boards. Amazon customers already have discussions going about almost every topic and if yours isn’t included, just start it. I left messages about Mousetrapped on discussions such as ‘What travel memoir would you recommend?’ (having checked first that I wouldn’t be the only one recommending my own book) and also participated in relative Amazon communities.
  • Goodreads. Presuming you’ve already signed up as a Goodreads author, you can start discussions about topics you cover in your book. (If they’re interesting, mind you!)
  • Discussion boards related to your book topic. I’m lucky in that there’s a whole host of discussion board-type sites dedicated to everything Disney. Self-promotion is kind of a no-no here but it might help spread the word. Alternatively, track down the ringleaders and send them free books.

And do me a favor, will you?

Doing this will just make people skip it.

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