Why I’m Not Here, Places I Am and LOST

Wasn’t that a deliciously confusing blog post title? I thought so.

I’m hiding away this week to finish readying my novel for – eek! – submission, so no blog posts. After that I intend to spend a few days reading a few thrillers for escapism, watching Season 4 of The Wire (I’ve been saving it), sleeping and trying not to cry at the thought of LOST ending (oops – there I go again), so there won’t be any blog posts then either. And before the 1st June (that is the arbitrary deadline I’ve set myself, for some reason), I have to have at least some kind of blurry plot outline established for Novel Number 2, so – yes, you’ve guessed it – they’re probably won’t be any blog posts until that’s done too.

But the good news is that there will be plenty of new blog posts after that; I even have a schedule, which culminates in a big reveal in September, a reveal that will either be a sort of hard-earned triumph or an embarrassment I’ll never live down. And the other good news (well, depending on how you look at it), is that I’m interviewed today on Duolit’s Self-Publishing Team blog, a self-publishing site (and service) I actually like the sound of (I’m very picky, as you know), run by the lovely Shannon and Toni who actually live in Florida.

I have one little confession to make: this morning I took time out from scribbling to listen to the last ever LOST Official Podcast.

Now imagine the sound of sobbing.

Have a happy Mousetrapped Monday everyone!

5 thoughts on “Why I’m Not Here, Places I Am and LOST

  1. Toni says:

    Thanks again for being such a great interview! Best of luck with the editing process and rest assured we’re trying just as hard to keep our minds on work with the end of LOST looming large. It still seems surreal…like maybe they’ll pull a fast one and say “Just kidding! We’re coming back for another season!” See, and there’s the power of LOST at work again, hijacking a comment that’s supposed to be about praising you. I blame the smoke monster!

  2. adeena-in-north-carolina says:

    Had insomnia last night and downloaded your book on my Kindle 2 when I searched “walt disney world.” (It was the top-ranked hit.) We will be spending quite a bit of time down there this year as we got annual passes for the family. I had my first trip ever to WDW in March and it was awesome. I found myself intrigued by the whole WDW culture. Anyway, had no idea that your book was self-printed. Am very much enjoying it! Great job!

  3. catherineryanhoward says:

    Thanks so much, Adeena! That explains a lot actually – MT is selling really well on Kindle and I was wondering why, but if it’s the top ranked hit for Walt Disney World that would do it! 🙂 I’m so jealous of your annual passes – miss it so much. Am hoping to get there in October. Thanks for reading it and thanks for stopping by to tell me you did! 🙂

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