Why I’m Not Here, Places I Am and LOST

Wasn’t that a deliciously confusing blog post title? I thought so.

I’m hiding away this week to finish readying my novel for – eek! – submission, so no blog posts. After that I intend to spend a few days reading a few thrillers for escapism, watching Season 4 of The Wire (I’ve been saving it), sleeping and trying not to cry at the thought of LOST ending (oops – there I go again), so there won’t be any blog posts then either. And before the 1st June (that is the arbitrary deadline I’ve set myself, for some reason), I have to have at least some kind of blurry plot outline established for Novel Number 2, so – yes, you’ve guessed it – they’re probably won’t be any blog posts until that’s done too.

But the good news is that there will be plenty of new blog posts after that; I even have a schedule, which culminates in a big reveal in September, a reveal that will either be a sort of hard-earned triumph or an embarrassment I’ll never live down. And the other good news (well, depending on how you look at it), is that I’m interviewed today on Duolit’s Self-Publishing Team blog, a self-publishing site (and service) I actually like the sound of (I’m very picky, as you know), run by the lovely Shannon and Toni who actually live in Florida.

I have one little confession to make: this morning I took time out from scribbling to listen to the last ever LOST Official Podcast.

Now imagine the sound of sobbing.

Have a happy Mousetrapped Monday everyone!