The Self-Printing Plan: Summer 2010

So after blogging about my entire journey to self-publication, Mousetrapped is now a real, live book that’s available to buy in numerous locations, a few people have bought some copies and as of last weekend, it’s helped me live out my Proper Author dreams in the form of a bookstore book launch. And even better than seeing my words in print, listed on Amazon and on a bookshop’s shelf, self-publication has brought me an agent for my novel.


So what happens my Self-Printing Story now?  Well, I’m glad you asked, because here’s the upcoming schedule.

June 2010: Promotion

Throughout June, I’ll be blogging about the myriad of things I’ve done to try and brainwash people into buying copies of my book, the things I wish I’d done and what ultimately worked and what didn’t. Other than invites and posters for the book launch, the cost of free books I’ve given to bloggers, reviewers, etc. and two domain names, I haven’t spent any money on promotion and yet I’ve sold books.

July 2010: The Self-Publishing Book Club

Whenever I decide to do something in life – write a book, go on a diet, decide to become an astronaut – the first thing I do is buy and read a book about how to. Self-publishing is no different. There is a vast library of books about how to self-publish, covering all aspects of the process (and for an added bonus, nearly all these books are self-published themselves). Most of them, however, are disappointing; all the information in them can be found online and for free – and more often than not, it’s more up to date on there – and anyway, 90% of what to do when self-publishing boils down to common sense. In July, I’m going to recommend the few that are worth their price. And turn 28. Yikes.

August 2010: Frequent Asked Questions

This is going to be a fun month. Since I’ve self-published, I’ve received a lot of e-mails from other self-publishers, mainly those who are researching their options or, the other extreme, those who have just finished production. I get asked a lot of strange questions, strange questions I don’t have the time – or patience – to individually answer. (I’m especially enjoying those that begin, ‘I love your blog!’ and then go on to ask a list of questions that I’d have already answered for them had they actually read my blog.) So throughout August, I’ll be building a Self-Printing FAQ page, where all the crazy will be self-contained.

September: All Will Be Revealed

I’m going to do something drastic in September. Actually I’m going to do two drastic somethings. For those of you who’ve been following my self-printing story from the beginning, you’ll know that I’ve been blatantly honest throughout. (And why not? We’re all friends here…) Some of you may even be – gulp! – using me as an example of what to do. (Or what not to do…) To prove the effectiveness of my self-printing approach, I’m going to:

  • Tell you exactly how many books I’ve sold
  • Tell you exactly how many books I’ve sold in each format
  • Tell you what my royalties are. (Well, I’m going to list my royalties from each outlet in descending order and tell you what the highest, lowest and middle amounts are, which will give you a good idea of all the rest.)

All this data will be for the period April – June 2010, or the first twelve weeks of Mousetrapped existence. This will either be a moment of triumph or a complete and utter embarrassment, but whatever the outcome, it will show you how many copies all this work I’ve done actually translates into, and how many copies you have to sell to get a #1 ranking in an obscure and possibly irrelevant Amazon Kindle category. You may be surprised…

So that’s it. To catch up on my self-printing adventures so far, visit my self-printing page. To help minimize my September Embarrassment, you can purchase a copy of Mousetrapped here. If you don’t know what the devil I’m on about, where the hell have you been? Oh, and go here.

6 thoughts on “The Self-Printing Plan: Summer 2010

  1. Catherine Rotte-Murray says:

    Catherine just to tell you I’ve tagged you with an award over at my blog – you deserve to share your good fortune with your cyberfriends and list five things you’re grateful for! I mentioned it on another post comment I left on your intro page. Great news about the book and the agent and best of luck with sales and future progress – your hard work’s finally paying off!
    all the best, Catherine.

  2. Caroline says:

    No brain washing was necessary for this reader. I had absolutely no idea the book was so new. I stumbled across it this weekend while browsing the Kindle store and bought it instantly without even getting the free preview, which is very rare for me. Probably because somewhere inside me is the same dream to work in Florida, nutured since my parents spoiled me by taking me at age 3. Awesome book, enjoyed every page.

  3. catherineryanhoward says:

    Thanks so much Caroline! The Kindle edition is selling really well so I’m always interested to hear how people came across it on there. 🙂 I’m really glad you enjoyed it and thanks so much for stopping by!

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