If You Don’t Already Know…

Mousetrapped: A Year and A Bit in Orlando, Florida (it’s a book I’ve written – have I mentioned it?) will be launched in Douglas Books, Douglas Village Shopping Centre, Cork, on Saturday May 8th at 12.30 p.m.

Yes, Mousetrapped has already been on sale for four weeks, but only online. This will be the first time it’s in an actual bookstore, the Holy Grail, if you will, of Book-Selling Land. (Well, other than the times I’ve snuck into one, pulled a copy from my bag, stuck it on the shelf and stared at it, unblinking, just to see what it was like…)

I’ll be there along with a stack of my books and a number of friends, relatives and former co-workers I’ve coerced into coming along. Do pop in and say hello. I need some strangers.

With any luck the invitations (pictured right) won’t be the best bit.

If you don’t know what Mousetrapped is, you have clearly landed on this page by Googling something strange – like ‘apple German pancakes’ which, for some reason, frequently brings people to my blog – as every single person I have ever met in my entire life has already been subjected to Mousetrapped‘s self-promotional trail. And you need to go here.

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