Me, Interviewed: Alyssa Martino’s Writers on Writing

I am going to the hairdressers tomorrow to get 70% of my hair cut off – bear with me with, folks, a link is coming – and as I’ve never gone to this salon before, the inevitable ‘What do you do?’ conversation will have to take place while I try to drink a cup of dishwater coffee through strands of wet hair and worry about being butchered, and I’ll watch myself fizzle into a puddle of embarrassment and self-loathing as I opt to say that I’m “not working” instead of “I’m a writer.” Because… am I a writer? Technically, I suppose. I’m just not there yet – the saying it, I mean. But while I look up therapists in the phone book, one lovely person not only considers me to be a writer but actually wanted to ask me questions about writing. Yes, I was shocked too. But maybe this will help (with the therapy).

The person was Alyssa Martino who has started a fab series on her blog, Writers on Writing. Every Wednesday there’ll be a new interview and as we all know – no matter what the answers – we all love to hear how writers work, hoping that some small grain of wisdom will land in our creativity allotment and grow a three book deal. (Um… well, you get the idea.)

Today I got to be the first subject and you can read the full interview here. I talk about my usual fare: the Ebola virus, why I self-published, Starbucks, quitting your job and clicky pens.

Thanks so much Alyssa – it was so much fun and the best bit, I think, was that you called me a writer. x

UPDATE: Link to interview corrected. Doh!

One thought on “Me, Interviewed: Alyssa Martino’s Writers on Writing

  1. Alyssa says:

    TOTALLY relate to that notion of being called “a writer” and glad to have made you smile by doing just that 🙂 You’re not just a writer, you’re a great one, and I look forward to finishing your book! I’m already engrossed.

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