Things You Can Do When a Box of Your Books Arrives

The day the postman arrives with a small cardboard package containing your proof copy – your first glimpse of your real, live book – is quite exciting, sure. But there’s only one of them, it has a giant ‘Proof’ printed on the back page and your joy is short-lived as the knowledge of what lays ahead (reading through each line at least twice before giving the okay) quickly swoops down like a fire blanket and extinguishes your excitement.

But then a week or so later, a delivery van pulls up outside. A gigantic cardboard box covered in customs forms (from foreign lands! How exotic!) and too heavy for you to carry gets wheeled up the drive and you bite your lip to prevent yourself from squealing, ‘They’re my books! My books!’ at the courier as he waits for you, disinterested, to sign the delivery slip and attempts to ignore the fact that you’re still in your pajamas at eleven-thirty and have yesterday’s mascara all over your face.

A whole box of your books radiates as much potential for fun as a brand new tub of Lego bricks once did. (Or still does. Every now and then I have an overwhelming urge to make a Lego house.) And while you have to be a bit more careful with them than you do Lego bricks, you can still have – should have – lots of fun…

Things You Can Do When a Box of Your Books Arrives

1. Take a photograph of the books in situ.

Mousetrapped Catherine Ryan Howard

So pretty...

2. Take a photograph of a bunch of them all lined up in a row.

Mousetrapped Catherine Ryan Howard

The third one in from the right is ruining the line. Whatever!

3. Take a photograph of your book with all your other ‘proper’ travel books, including the ones you used for research that are about the same theme, to see if it fits in.

Mousetrapped Catherine Ryan Howard

Can you spot the impostor?

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6 thoughts on “Things You Can Do When a Box of Your Books Arrives

  1. Andrea "The American Roommate" says:

    LOL, somehow I’m not surprised by any of this. But fear not – I would’ve done the same things! 🙂

  2. Mary Ann Dames - Reading, Writing, and Recipes says:

    Hi, I ventured over from Diane Browning’s site, Catherine, I don’t see why you’d keep from yelling, “It’s my books!” I’d be jumping up and down and annoucing it to the world — or at least the delivery man and the neighborhood. 😎 “It’s my books! It’s my books!”

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