It’s Guest Post O’Clock!

Aren't I just adorable?

When my Twitter friend Kath Eastman asked me to guest post on, I have to confess – don’t kill me, Jeremy fans! – that I didn’t recognize the name. But then I went to visit the site and…well, let’s just say I recognized the face, alright.


Northam has a lead role in Miami Medical which will premiere stateside on April 2nd and is – yes, you’ve guessed it – a medical drama set in Miami. What makes this series premiere oh-so-interesting (besides the presence of Northam and fellow Eye Candy, Cloverfield‘s Mike Vogel), is that the brains behind the operation is Jeffery Lieber.

Recognize that name? If you’re a LOST fan, you should. It pops up every week under ‘Created By.’ But the story behind how he got there – and why, to date, he’s never visited the set, met any of the cast or crew or had any input into the TV phenomenon – is a drama of Hollywood proportions.

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